Babe and the Kids

Helping a great cause
through art

Message from the founder – Respectfully, Steve Sax

In 2008, I had the privilege to witness the captivating painting “Babe and the Kids” at an exhibit in NYC. The concept behind the artwork, a congregation of the greatest baseball Hall of Famers from past to present, was nothing short of breathtaking. The artist, Opie Otterstadt, spent eight meticulous years perfecting this piece, and the resulting masterpiece has always been a guaranteed conversation starter.

Tragically, on June 8th of last year, my son, Captain John J. Sax, USMC, lost his life in a training accident in the Southern California desert. John’s passion for flying was as expansive as the skies he navigated. In honor of his memory and his enduring love for aviation, my family and I have formed the Captain John J. Sax Foundation to help aspiring aviators realize their dreams of flight.

Now, with the advantages of today’s technology, we have brought this painting to another level. It’s not just a painting anymore, but an interactive digital asset that has been brought to life on the blockchain. By tapping on a player’s image, you can access their statistics and even watch videos, bringing a new layer of engagement and appreciation to the artwork.

Our target audience is not just the ardent baseball fan or the dedicated memorabilia collector. We are reaching out to everyone who appreciates the convergence of art, technology, sports, and philanthropy. This includes Hall of Fame players, Major and Minor League stadiums, active and former baseball players, NFT collectors, and anyone passionate about making a difference in the lives of future aviators.

There will only be 200 of these digital assets minted. The utility of this asset will provide a passport to exclusive events, a voting right in our decentralized autonomous organization, and a direct contribution to our foundation’s mission. As a holder, you become part of a community that not only appreciates the rich history of baseball but also supports the dreams of aspiring aviators, embodying the spirit of service that was at the heart of John’s life.

The Captain John J. Sax Foundation is more than just a charity; it’s a testament to the power of legacy, community, and technology in making a meaningful impact. As we move forward, we carry with us the memory of John, his passion for flying, and his dedication to service, inspiring us every step of the way.

*The Purchase of the Babe and the kids NFT is not part of the Captain John J Sax Family Foundation 501(c)(3). This is not to be considered a charitable donation, therefore, not tax-deductible. The mission of Babe and the kids, LLC, is to fund the Foundation.

Featured Investors

House M.D.


John Smith


Nice Man


Captain John J. Sax


Important Notes

  • Only 200 NFTs minted on the blockchain
  • Price: $15,000 each USD or crypto
  • Expected release Q1 2024
  • Owners will drive direction of each year's foundational event


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